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March 2007 was quite a busy month in Australian library blogland. Various RL library events have blogged about, such as the L2 Unconference in Melbourne. Jessamyn West’s visit to Australia had quite an impact in the Aussie blogosphere, and was blogged by CW, techxplorer, Kayo and Sputty. Australian LIS bloggers have played a role in this year’s ALIA elections. Two candidates – Derek Whitehead and Kevin Dudeney – have blogs and blogs have been living up to their rough and ready reputation as being the place to go for the best uncensored scuttlebut. This has prompted Kathryn Greenhill to blog about the way that librarians handle controversial issues, and what gets in the way of open and effective discussion.

On a somewhat related note, Sideshow Matt has some insightful thoughts about tracking the consequences of not pursuing innovations, and how it would impact the balance in libraries between “conservativsm and innovation; permanence and transcience; control and trust.” Fiona Bradley has been thinking about the mobile web and what “more should libraries and librarians be doing to anticipate this next stage of the Internet?” Judy O’Connell has written about Judgement and Web 2.0. Read what she’s linked to, think about what you are doing to encourage your library users to question and judge the quality of the information they consume. Although Twitter and Ning have been around for some time, both applications seemed to reach a new level of prominence during this month. Is this just their 15 minutes? Or does at least one have some longevity?

Looking at Australian library institutional blogs, some libraries have been dealing with the impact of the Fairfax Business Media’s decision to pull the Australian Financial Review and BRW out of Factiva. Mosman Library has used its blog to announce its Mosman Voices, an online oral history collection.

Finally, in the section of about Australian librarians, rather than by Australian librarians, there’s been a lot of chatter about the forthcoming ABC TV comedy-drama, the Librarians. See media release from the ABC, read the interesting comments thread in the Librarian in Black.


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