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There are lots of interesting things floating around in my RSS feeds, Yammer and Twitter about the role of librarians and MOOCs.

Howard, Jennifer; For Libraries, MOOCs Bring Uncertainty and Opportunity, The Chronicle of Higher Education. The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 25, 2013). Here’s a quote….

“Ms. O’Brien had one piece of basic advice for librarians wondering what to make of MOOC mania: Take a MOOC or two to see what they’re really like. “You can’t be a valued adviser if you don’t understand what it takes to do one of these courses,” she told the audience.”

Learning by Doing

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Some that might be of particular interest to librarians…


But you could choose one on any topic you like:


Have you enrolled in a MOOC? What was it like? Have you asked your employer to fund a MOOC for professional development? How did that go?


  1. Linda Bradshaw
    March 31, 2013 at 06:44

    I had never heard of a MOOC until reading this post, and I had to follow your link back to The Chronicle to learn what it was. I think that it really DOES have massive opportunities to bring distance learning to rural communities. I hope that it continues to develop and succeed.

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