Days 13-14 #blogjune Round up – Once upon a time….

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Once upon a #blogjune, on days 13 and 14 (Monday and Tuesday) in fact, there were five books in Marvellous Melbourne. Or was it a different five books in My Street, Ballarat, Queens Birthday Holiday. Ah well, doesn’t matter.

Have you seen was being asked whilst having soup for lunch and considering QR codes in the library: an investigative and fun orientation program.

Diluting the heart made it interesting being involved in the Card making challenge Week 2. Failure was not an option however, after all, we are measuring for success.

Now that its winter again, its time to consider 100 articles that every librarian should readAha! Sad songs say so much.

Steinbeck revisited and suggestions and replies wound up in conspiracy.

So be open, enjoy the chance to be lounging about and enjoying video game collections, Library Programmes and Libraries I’ve loved.

But be careful – Big brother is watching!

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