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Kate Watson, newly elected to the board of ALIA is a young Queensland librarian active in the New Librarians’ group and interested in how blogs and wikis can be applied in libraries. She currently works as Rubric Co-ordinator at the University of Sunshine Coast.

We gave her our list of LINTerview questions and asked her to select five to answer. Here then, is more about Kate Watson…

Which library has impressed you the most and why?

The library in which I am currently based is totally gorgeous. University of the Sunshine Coast Library is a spacious distinctive building which has won numerous design accolades including the 1997 Australian Building of the Year.

The whole campus is amazing with lots of wide green fields and lots of kangaroos.

Is there someone you have worked with you’d like to acknowledge? Who,Why?

Yes – a lot of people! I have been extremely lucky and in my 5 years in the profession have worked with and for some amazing inspiring fun people.

Amazing supporting bosses include: Lucia Bee, Cheryl Haughton, Debbie Orr, Graham Black, Catherine Brown, Sharon Lenord and Sandra Jeffries. Talented, fun and super-fantastic work colleagues include: Zoe Seeto, Delty Harper, Trish Hanrahan, Sars Wood, Vicki Picasso and Simon McMillan.

What is the most unusual/funny question you’ve been asked at the reference desk?

While working as a high school librarian I had a year 9 student come up to me wanting me to help her find information on Courtney Love for her English assignment. Thought it was a bit strange but helped her anyway. After trawling through bios of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and Hole websites, worked out she was actually after information on “Courtly Love” . I felt like a right fool.

Note to self – always ask to see their assignment guide handout.

What advice would you give to new librarians starting out today?

Ask LOTS of questions and listen to people.
Be bold, put yourself in scary situations and reach beyond your perceived abilities.
Get a good mentor (Go Hilary!) and be active in ALIA – even as astudent.
Move regional for a promotion and put in applications for dream jobs -you have nothing to lose.

What 3 skills/characteristics do you think are important for librarians
to have in the 21st century?


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