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Want to pretend to be ridiculously well read in the biblioglogosphere, WITHOUT wading daily through 200+ feeds in your aggregator? Want to check whether anyone has already blogged about a topic before you blog about it, so it doesn’t look like uncritical me-tooism? Here’s some resources.

Resource One: The Australian Library Blogs page here at

  1. List of blogs from organizations and one from individuals.
  2. You can use the search box to search the content of all blogs listed, not just their titles.
  3. If you are using Firefox2 or IE7, you can click on the “Search Australian blogs” option that appears in your toolbar search box to install an option to search Australian Library blogs from wherever you are on the net.

Resource Two: Dave Pattern’s Widget to show what’s hot in the bliblioblogosphere. It shows “the new words and hot topics that have appeared in library/librarian weblogs during the last 48 hours”. The list of blogs it scrapes is here.


Resource Three: This week in LibraryBlogLand at LIS News is just as the title describes. While the widget above uses an algorithm, this uses a real person to decide what was noteworthy that week.

Resource Four: Libworm describes itself as a tool to: “Search the Biblioblogosphere and Beyond… the librarian RSS engine….over 1500 RSS feeds go in….exactly what you need comes out!” You can search free text or by categories, subjects or tags. The killer feature of this is that you can then subscribe to a feed of items that fit your search.

What else do you use that I’ve missed?

UPDATE: 12 Jan 2007.

I would add:

Resource five: Liszen, a google custom search engine which searches the live content of 600+ blogs.


  1. rochelle
    January 16, 2007 at 05:56

    Cripes! I am never going to live down “uncritical me-tooism.”

  2. Kathryn Greenhill
    January 16, 2007 at 06:49

    Nor should you, Rochelle. You said what needed to be said when it was the right time. I’d have been proud to have hit the nerve so well, but YMMV.

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