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Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun Safe

It is the responsibility of any gun holder to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Therefore, there is need to make or get a gun safe to place the gun. It is also wise to place it in a strategic position. A place whereby, in case of home invasion it would be easy to access it with ease. For this reason most people prefer to install their gun safe under the bed where accessibility is easy. There are different ways to install under the bed gun safe.

First Way to install Under the Bed Gun Safe

Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun SafeWhen Installing a model 47 gun safe, ensure that the bed is undone such that you only have the bed frame. Align the gun safe from side with the side of the bed you wish to access the gun from. Fix the bracket metal under the bed frame and its cover, directly over it on the side where the mattress lies.

Align the gun safe in a flush style. Fix the gun safe onto the brackets and fix the screws from below. After fixing the first screw move on to the second pair of brackets and repeat the same procedure. Finally, tighten both screws to make sure that the gun safe is held intact. If you are serious about buying a gun safe to store under your bed in is important to read about the best gun safes to choose the gun safes that fit your criteria with the features you might be interested in.

Second Way To Install the Under the Bed Gun Safe

There are other gun safes that can be mounted on the wall under the bed. These safes are relatively small and better for smaller guns. The first step is to place the gun safe on the wall and use a marker to mark where the gun safe will fit. On the area drawn on the wall, mark the strategic points where the drill will go. Drill the screws into the wall and fit the safe-bracket which is used to hold the gun safe in place. Once the safe-bracket is on the wall, test the gun safe it it fits in the bracket. It it does, then use the small screws to fix the gun safe onto the brackets. This method works best with the gun vault 500.

Third Way to Install the Under the Bed Gun Safe

Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun SafeOther gun safes are made in such a way there is no technical knowledge needed to use them under the bed. They are designed in such way that one can just push them under the bed, pull down the bed cover and the gun safe will be accessible and also out of obvious sight. Such gun safes are designed such that they can store any kind of guns and as such they are heavy and cannot be moved by a single person.Others are made that one needs to fix just a few screws onto the underside of the bed to hold the gun safe in place.

Factors to consider when installing a gun safe

  • Make sure it is hidden out or reach of the children.
  • Ensure that its locking system is not accessible to anyone. It is advised to avoid he locks that require a key since the key can get lost or be stolen and later be used to access the gun safe.
  • Make sure it is accessible during emergencies.


Different gun safes have slightly different method of installing them. However,The basics remain standard across most gun safes. Finally, always ensure that the gun safe is locked.

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