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Why Should You Prefer Fleck Water Softener?

If you looking for a dependable, durable and quality water softener, then you should consider the Fleck water softeners. This company has been making these products for more than ten years. Additionally, their tanks come with a 10-year warranty. With such a guarantee, you are confident that you are purchasing a water softener that will continue providing you with fresh water, for more than ten years. Similar to other brands, Fleck water softeners are available in different sizes and types, based on your usage and the water quality at your home. Here are some of the main benefits why Fleck water softeners are preferable.

Ease of Use

Why Should You Prefer Fleck Water SoftenerEach water-softening product from this company is designed with ease of use in mind. These products usually feature push buttons as well as electronically operated powerhead for effortless programming. You no longer have to worry about improper configuration on your Fleck water softener. This is mainly because each unit is specifically designed for utmost convenience.

Easy Installation

All water softeners from Fleck are fully assembled when being delivered to the customer. The package also comes with an easy to follow instructional video. This video provides you with all the steps you need to follow, during the entire plumbing and installation process. If you are going to do this on your own, then you don’t have to worry about missteps.


The whole water softening and treatment process is environmentally friendly and 100% safe. From the filters used to the individual parts, all components are safe because they are constructed using eco-friendly materials. Therefore, buying a water softener from Fleck is also a nice gesture, since you will be contributing to the environmental conservation efforts. Additionally, using these products in your home minimizes the amount of green house gases emitted into the environment.

Readily Available Parts

Why Should You Prefer Fleck Water SoftenerOne great benefit about Fleck water softeners is their popularity. Due to this, any accessories and parts of their water filtration systems are easy to find and always available, whenever they are required. As much as repairs are quite uncommon, there are those unavoidable circumstances where your system needs to be repaired. Fixing might require replacement of some parts or accessories. The good news is that you can easily locate these parts at your local store, or even order online.


Fleck softeners can incorporate a wide range of softening technologies. Whether you want to use salt-free offerings or potassium, all these are compatible with water softeners from this company. If you live in areas with some of the hardest water, you can simply use iron filters, which are also compatible with Fleck water softeners. Their wide range of products makes them one of the most widely used domestic water softener.

Bottom Line

Fleck water filters and water softeners have been around for several years. They are known for their performance and reliability. They are easy to install, something that can also be done by homeowners. These water softeners are high quality and you will use them for many years, with minimal servicing or none at all.

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Top 10 Nations That Shop Online the Most

According to the global research report published by Cushman & Wakefield, the UK has the most developed e-commerce. The US takes the lead in the money spent in the online business while China has the most people who shop online.

On average, each American spends $1804 annually shopping online. This figures put America on top of the world in e-commerce revenue. According to Jack Ma, the founder of electronic commerce site Alibaba, the internet is expected to revolutionize the world for the next 85 years. This article has a list of the top 10 nations that shop online the most.

1. China

Top 10 Nations That Shop Online the MostAlthough the country is 8th in the top 10 nations that spends most on the internet, it is the country with the most online shoppers in the world. Most of the Chinese population are young people and 75% of the population can access the internet. These two factors have contributed to China’s dominance in online shopping.

2. Germany

Germany is 5th most spending country on the internet. The country is the leading in online shopping in the European region. It is estimated that 61% of the German citizens shop online.

3. South Korea

Although South Korea doesn’t appear in the list of the top 10 countries with most online spending, still it has managed to appear in the third position of this list. Over 72% of its population have access to the internet; this has contributed to the high number of online shoppers.

4. India

India has a population of over a billion. Approximately 71% of the Indian citizens have access to the internet; this has contributed to the high numbers of online shopper from the country.

6. United Kingdom

Top 10 Nations That Shop Online the MostDespite being the country with the most developed online retail shopping system, and second on the top ten most spending country on the internet, the UK didn’t make to the top 5 of this list.. All the same, over 67% of the country population has access the internet.

7. Ireland

Ireland may seem like a small country but still it has a huge number of online shoppers. The country has a population of about 4.5 million and 66% of the population access the internet and shop online.

8. Turkey

Turkey comes 8th with 64% of its population having access to the Internet and knowledge on how to carry out online transactions. The country has a population of around 74 million.

9. Taiwan

Taiwan has 63 percent of its population having access to the internet. There are numerous convenient stores that are located in Taiwan that are suitable for online shopping.

10. Indonesia

Finally, Indonesia closes the list of the top 10 countries with the most online shoppers. The country has 62% of its 250 million citizens having access to the internet.


Countries with the high number of the youth seem to have high access to the internet and hence more online shoppers. China is one, more than the half of its population is made up of youth and over 75% of its population have access to the internet. These two factors have contributed to the high number of people buying online in the country.

There are other countries with more online spending, but that mean they have the largest number of people shopping online. Exposure to technology also cannot be proven as one of the factors leading to a high number of people buying online; this is because Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are more exposed to technology but still stuck to traditional way of shopping.

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Benefits of Using Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan in your room is very important. Although an air conditioner is more effective on temperature regulation over a ceiling fan, installing a ceiling fan is better. It helps you add a cool breeze to your room.

A ceiling fan consumes less electric energy compared to air conditioners; this makes it expensive to maintain an Air Conditioner. Air Conditioners are not just expensive to maintain but also to install. They are not suitable during cold seasons, and they also have an adverse effect on human health. Installing a ceiling fan is a great move. The following are the benefits of using ceiling fans.

Cost Savings

Benefits of Using Ceiling FansOne of the key advantages of ceiling fans is that they help to reduce electricity consumption. Compared to air conditioners, Ceiling fans consume less electric energy. They are built with an option to turn it on or off whenever you need to use them. Because they consume less electricity energy than air conditioners, they are eco-friendly because they reduce carbon footprint.

Cheap and Easy to Maintain

Ceiling fans are not expensive to buy, install and maintain. In fact, the only maintenance they need is just wiping the dust off the blades and lubricating them; this is done after a long time.

Ceiling Fans Can Have Duo Purpose

Unlike in the past, when ceiling fans were just used to add a cool breeze in the house, today they can be used for a duo purpose. Most of the ceiling fan sold nowadays have lights on them. Although the lights attached to these ceiling fans cannot be solely relied upon to light a room, they make the room appear more beautiful. Ceiling fans today have various features to choose from with a great range of design and looks. There are endless colors to choose from and you can even have a ceiling fan that comes with a remote or lights. So make sure to choose a ceiling fan that is good.

They Free Up Floor Space

Compared to stand fans and desk fans, ceiling fans save more floor space since they are attached to the ceiling. In addition, you don’t need to worry about power cables distracting you on the floor compared to the typical stand fan.

They can be Used Outdoors

Benefits of Using Ceiling FansApart from being used indoors, Ceiling fans can also be used outdoors. In most cases, they are used in outdoor kitchens to lower temperature and provide a favorable environment. By installing the Ceiling fan outdoors, you enjoy all the benefits of installing a ceiling fan indoors. They circulate the air and ensure your skin stay cool.

Keeps Insects Away

Sometimes, small insects like mosquito and house flies are so annoying; it is hard to find a solution to keep them all away. If you have been having such a problem, it is recommended you install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan keeps the air moving which is an unfavorable condition for flying creatures

They Can Be Used a Decor

Most of the ceiling fans made today have a classic design and style; they also come in different colors. These ceilings fan are used as decoration, lighting and for providing a cool breeze in a room. They come in various sizes and models; it’s upon you to choose the one that pleases you.


We all at times need an environment that is cool. Sometimes, achieving such an environment is difficult if you are have just an air conditioner installed. At such times the only solution is installing a ceiling fan, it helps keep the insect away, conserve energy and maintain warm and cool environment among others. Installing a ceiling fan is a great solution.

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Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun Safe

It is the responsibility of any gun holder to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Therefore, there is need to make or get a gun safe to place the gun. It is also wise to place it in a strategic position. A place whereby, in case of home invasion it would be easy to access it with ease. For this reason most people prefer to install their gun safe under the bed where accessibility is easy. There are different ways to install under the bed gun safe.

First Way to install Under the Bed Gun Safe

Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun SafeWhen Installing a model 47 gun safe, ensure that the bed is undone such that you only have the bed frame. Align the gun safe from side with the side of the bed you wish to access the gun from. Fix the bracket metal under the bed frame and its cover, directly over it on the side where the mattress lies.

Align the gun safe in a flush style. Fix the gun safe onto the brackets and fix the screws from below. After fixing the first screw move on to the second pair of brackets and repeat the same procedure. Finally, tighten both screws to make sure that the gun safe is held intact. If you are serious about buying a gun safe to store under your bed in is important to read about the best gun safes to choose the gun safes that fit your criteria with the features you might be interested in.

Second Way To Install the Under the Bed Gun Safe

There are other gun safes that can be mounted on the wall under the bed. These safes are relatively small and better for smaller guns. The first step is to place the gun safe on the wall and use a marker to mark where the gun safe will fit. On the area drawn on the wall, mark the strategic points where the drill will go. Drill the screws into the wall and fit the safe-bracket which is used to hold the gun safe in place. Once the safe-bracket is on the wall, test the gun safe it it fits in the bracket. It it does, then use the small screws to fix the gun safe onto the brackets. This method works best with the gun vault 500.

Third Way to Install the Under the Bed Gun Safe

Three Ways To Install Under the Bed Gun SafeOther gun safes are made in such a way there is no technical knowledge needed to use them under the bed. They are designed in such way that one can just push them under the bed, pull down the bed cover and the gun safe will be accessible and also out of obvious sight. Such gun safes are designed such that they can store any kind of guns and as such they are heavy and cannot be moved by a single person.Others are made that one needs to fix just a few screws onto the underside of the bed to hold the gun safe in place.

Factors to consider when installing a gun safe

  • Make sure it is hidden out or reach of the children.
  • Ensure that its locking system is not accessible to anyone. It is advised to avoid he locks that require a key since the key can get lost or be stolen and later be used to access the gun safe.
  • Make sure it is accessible during emergencies.


Different gun safes have slightly different method of installing them. However,The basics remain standard across most gun safes. Finally, always ensure that the gun safe is locked.

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