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10 Most Dangerous Game Animals

Animals mainly attack humans, mainly due to fear. Most will avoid a confrontation as much as possible. However, once they have been teased or confronted, they will always fight back, and the results can be devastating. Numerous professional game hunters have lost their lives due to attack by some wild animals. Here are some of the most dangerous animals that you can encounter during hunting.

1. Grizzly Bear

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsThis animal is feared all over the world. It is extremely protective of its cubs. Grizzly Bear can attack humans anytime and even overpower them, whenever it has been provoked. They are efficient predators, which attack their prey by through biting and tearing through with their claws.

2. Polar Bear

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsAs much as the grizzly bear is mainly found forested areas, the polar bear has established a home in the arctic. Their survival is mainly dependent on hunting and the foods are rare in these regions. What makes them so dangerous is the fact that it is so hard to get away from them via foot.

3. Rhino

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsRhinos are almost becoming extinct. In fact, hunting of these animals is banned in many parts of the world, due to their dwindling population. Its huge size, combined with its speed makes it one of the most dangerous game animals.

4. Hippo

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsMost people consider hippos calm and safe hunting animals, since they see them lying around in the water. However, they are highly aggressive and vicious, which makes them extremely dangerous to hunt.

5. Cape Buffalo

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsAlso known as Black Death, this beast is an extremely dangerous animal, responsible for killing several hunters every year. Their massive size, almost weighing 2000 lbs means that they can shatter bones and kill the prey instantly with a single hit. It tends to be more aggressive mainly when wounded or when protecting its cubs.

6. Saltwater Crocodile

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsKnown as the largest reptile all over the world, it is more than 6 meters long, weighing just over 2200 lbs. Additionally, this one is lightning fast, which means that it can instantly crush organs and shatter bones, with just one bite.

7. Lion

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsThe African lion cannot miss this list. Known as the king of the jungle, this one is a favorite among hunters. It is extremely difficult to hunt while weighing up to 140 kilograms. Lions hunt stealthily. They only pounce on their prey when close enough, which makes them very dangerous.

8. Wild Boar

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsKilling a wild boar can be sometimes more dangerous than even hunting a fully-grown bear. This is mainly because of their high speed as well as their razor-sharp tusks. They also have a very quick mind, ranked as the 4th most intelligent animal in the world.

9. African Elephant

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsVery few people know this, but this elephant can be one of the most dangerous and challenging animals to hunt and kill. Although they are not as fast as others on this list, they are short-tempered and have killed hundreds of humans.

10. Leopard

Most Dangerous Game AnimalsLeopards are among the fastest land animals on earth. They have the ability to attain very high speeds, which makes it extremely hard to escape from them by foot. Tracking them is very risky, so it is preferable to hunt them at night.


Big game hunting is a popular past time activity throughout the world. However, there are certain animals that present a danger to the hunter, and they have gone to kill hundreds of hunters every year. It is therefore advisable to target these dangerous game animals from a safe distance.

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Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love Visiting

There are some sites in the world made specifically for the viewing of the celestial activities and wonders. The view from these vantage points has been described as breathtaking. Some of the activities observed are so rare since they only happen once in the human lifetime.

1. Griffith Observatory

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis site in located in Los Angeles, California. This is arguably one of the most convenient observatories in the United States. It was founded in 1935 by Colonel Griffith, who believed that the world could change if all mankind looked through the telescope.

The observatory has the historic Zeiss Telescope used to view the brightest objects at night such as the moon and other planets. It also has the rare Coelostat and the Solar Telescopes. The place also has several portable telescopes for public use.

2. The Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis magnificent observatory is located in the Elqui Valley in Chile. CTIO stands at only 7,100 ft above the sea –level. However, it has some of the best celestial views due to its unique location. It is available to the public every Saturday in Winter ad Summer with a capacity of 40 people per day.

3. University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory. (TAO)

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis is the highest observatory in the world standing at 18,500ft (5,640m) above the sea level. It is located on top of a lava dome in the Atacama Desert, Chile. There is a plan to install a 6.5 m optical-infrared telescope, which will make the star gazing experience even more spectacular.

4. McDonald Observatory

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis site is located in Texas near Fort Davis. It is home to one of the largest optical telescopes named Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET). The observatory also has a daytime viewing which could enable one to see even the international space stations.

5. Mauna Kea Observatory

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis site offers a unique attraction due to its location. The Mauna Key is located on an isolated island in the pacific ocean. The island is known as Hawaii and offers one of the most memorable stargazing experience. It stands at 13,796 ft above the sea level.

This observatory is free and no reservations are required. This observatory is held as a sacred place by the natives and also highly revered by the astronomers making it even more of a mystery thereby becoming more of a attraction.

6. The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis observatory is located in London and is referred to as the home to the prime meridian. It is rich in history as it dates back to William I. The site also houses a museum which exhibits certain astronomical equipment. The site offers one opportunity to be at a place which is significant in the history of the nation.

7. Kitt Peak National Observatory

Seven Astronomical Observatories Where Tourists Love VisitingThis observatory is located in Arizona,USA. It is home to a collection of the world’s largest optical and radio telescopes. It has both day and night guided tours for the view of the cosmos in the clear southwestern skies. In addition, the site also has a museum and a gift shop. In this observatory, you can book a telescope all for yourself and have un-interrupted view of the constellation.


These sites provide an opportunity to view what lies beyond the reach of our eyes. Therefore, one should make appoint to enjoy such an experience in their lifetime.,

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What Key Features Should Be In Your Telescope?

When buying a telescope, you should bear in mind that there is no perfect telescope for all situations. Therefore, you are required to do is just know why you need the telescope. There are different telescope models and designs, where each is made for a different purpose. Knowing what you want from a telescope will guide you to choose the best one for you. This article discusses some of the telescope features and their functions.

The Aperture

What Key Features Should Be In Your TelescopeOne of the most important features of a telescope is the aperture. The aperture is the diameter of the main lens or mirror that is used to gather light and make cosmetic objects appear clearer. The bigger the aperture, the high the quality of the images seen through the telescope.

While buying a telescope, it is advisable to purchase the one with a bigger aperture. A big aperture also creates a more room for magnification. Some telescopes have big apertures but low magnifications. Changing the eyepiece is required if you want to improve the quality of the image. This only works for the telescopes with big apertures.

Focal Length

What Key Features Should Be In Your TelescopeAperture is the most important feature of a telescope; the second most important feature is the focal length. Telescopes with a longer focal length are better than those with a short focal length. Mostly this applies when it comes to viewing celestial bodies like moons, planets, and double stars.

Most of the telescopes with shorter focal lengths show fuzzy images because they contain poor quality lenses. It is also hard to manufacture a telescope with a short focal length. To make one with high-quality images can be quite expensive. If you are looking forward to buying a telescope, it is advisable you choose the one with the longer focal length and the bigger aperture.


What Key Features Should Be In Your TelescopeThe third most important feature or part of a telescope. Just like the car, no matter how fantastic features and engine power it has, without a chassis, the car is useless. For a telescope, we don’t just need the tube with the lenses. A good telescope should also have a mount to make it steady and sturdy.

Working with a telescope without a good mount can be quite stressing. Most people underrate the importance of a mount in a telescope. They end up buying a telescope with a weak mount. A great telescope mount should be adjustable and firm. It should help people easily swing to all directions.


In most cases, people go to buy a telescope without doing a research on the type of the telescope they want. It is among the list of worst mistakes you can do while buying a telescope. It can cost you both money and time. Choosing the right telescope requires one to do comprehensive research of what features you need.

Also, it is hard to test a telescope in the store. In fact, most people buy telescopes on the internet and have it delivered to them. To ensure that you get the right Telescope before buying, you should discuss with the seller about the return policy. The return policy gives the buyer time to inspect the equipment and return it if it is not working a promised or as expected.

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5 Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be Considered

Choosing the best brand of a fish finder requires ones to research about its performance, price, and features. Comparing the available fish finder brands in the market will also help you get the best fish finder. Fish finders allow us to see what is under the water.

Mostly these devices are used by hunters to help them know where the fishes are. Some fishfinder brands have great devices with wide range of features while others have few features. Making a comparison between the available brands is advisable. it raises the chances of the getting the best device for your needs.

1. Garmin

Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be ConsideredGarmin is one of the best brands for fish finders, according to fish finder comparison blogs. It has an extensive list of fish finder device models. Each of the Garmin fish finders has unique features and design. All the Garmin devices have an inbuilt GPS, a Chirp sonar, and a Chirp scanning capability. The features of the Garmin devices help the users to know where the fish are and where you need to return later for fishing. These features also help fishers to mark boat lamps and get to know where you started and where to return.

2. Lowrance

Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be ConsideredFor over 50 years Lowrance products have been on the market, they have helped to enhance efficiency in fish finding. The brand has a long list of devices that are hugely relied upon by fishermen and other mariners across the world. Lowrance brand products have won numerous awards for innovative and bringing excellence in the industry. They are aiming at developing universal devices for sea and inland fishing.

3. Humminbird

Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be ConsideredHumminbird has been in the industry of manufacturing fish finder devices for the last 40 years. Under the Humminbird brand, there is a list of products which include, marine radios, fish finders, depth sounders, marine Radios and GPS systems. Humminbird products are available in over 100 countries across the globe. For the period the products have been on the market, they have helped fishers and anglers to enhance efficiency while carrying out their activities.

4. Marcum

Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be ConsideredIf you are looking for a great fish finder brand, then you shouldn’t leave out Marcum. They have an improved camera to help you see the underwater clearly. Also, Marcum have a high powerful and sensitive sonar to help you easily see objects underwater clearly with color. Marcum is a brand worth considering while looking for a fishfinder and a sonar device.

5. RealSonar

Best Brands of Fish Finders That Should Be ConsideredRealSonar is a brand that concentrates on the manufacturing of fish finders and sonars that are connected to your smartphone. iBobber is one of the fishfinder products under RealSonar. iBobber allows iOS device users to see the fish on their devices. RealSonar has not yet developed a fish finder device that is compatible with Android smartphones, but they are developing an Android application for iBobber.


Fishing without a fish finder can be difficult and time-consuming. You can only rely on trial and error while looking for fish. Sometimes you can even lose direction if you don’t have a GPS map. These are the main reason to why a fish finder is essential. If you manage to get the best fish finder, the fishing experience will be more fun and also worth. It is advisable that you compare between the fishfinder brands discussed above to get the best fish finder in the market.

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