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Benefits of Using Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan in your room is very important. Although an air conditioner is more effective on temperature regulation over a ceiling fan, installing a ceiling fan is better. It helps you add a cool breeze to your room.

A ceiling fan consumes less electric energy compared to air conditioners; this makes it expensive to maintain an Air Conditioner. Air Conditioners are not just expensive to maintain but also to install. They are not suitable during cold seasons, and they also have an adverse effect on human health. Installing a ceiling fan is a great move. The following are the benefits of using ceiling fans.

Cost Savings

Benefits of Using Ceiling FansOne of the key advantages of ceiling fans is that they help to reduce electricity consumption. Compared to air conditioners, Ceiling fans consume less electric energy. They are built with an option to turn it on or off whenever you need to use them. Because they consume less electricity energy than air conditioners, they are eco-friendly because they reduce carbon footprint.

Cheap and Easy to Maintain

Ceiling fans are not expensive to buy, install and maintain. In fact, the only maintenance they need is just wiping the dust off the blades and lubricating them; this is done after a long time.

Ceiling Fans Can Have Duo Purpose

Unlike in the past, when ceiling fans were just used to add a cool breeze in the house, today they can be used for a duo purpose. Most of the ceiling fan sold nowadays have lights on them. Although the lights attached to these ceiling fans cannot be solely relied upon to light a room, they make the room appear more beautiful. Ceiling fans today have various features to choose from with a great range of design and looks. There are endless colors to choose from and you can even have a ceiling fan that comes with a remote or lights. So make sure to choose a ceiling fan that is good.

They Free Up Floor Space

Compared to stand fans and desk fans, ceiling fans save more floor space since they are attached to the ceiling. In addition, you don’t need to worry about power cables distracting you on the floor compared to the typical stand fan.

They can be Used Outdoors

Benefits of Using Ceiling FansApart from being used indoors, Ceiling fans can also be used outdoors. In most cases, they are used in outdoor kitchens to lower temperature and provide a favorable environment. By installing the Ceiling fan outdoors, you enjoy all the benefits of installing a ceiling fan indoors. They circulate the air and ensure your skin stay cool.

Keeps Insects Away

Sometimes, small insects like mosquito and house flies are so annoying; it is hard to find a solution to keep them all away. If you have been having such a problem, it is recommended you install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan keeps the air moving which is an unfavorable condition for flying creatures

They Can Be Used a Decor

Most of the ceiling fans made today have a classic design and style; they also come in different colors. These ceilings fan are used as decoration, lighting and for providing a cool breeze in a room. They come in various sizes and models; it’s upon you to choose the one that pleases you.


We all at times need an environment that is cool. Sometimes, achieving such an environment is difficult if you are have just an air conditioner installed. At such times the only solution is installing a ceiling fan, it helps keep the insect away, conserve energy and maintain warm and cool environment among others. Installing a ceiling fan is a great solution.

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