Day 6 Roundup – visiting neighbours and friends

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Sharing the Library Love

As I was walking to work today I was thinking about a metaphor to describe #blogjune. For me reading the blogs is like popping in to visit neighbours and catching up with friends. Many of the people blogging are part of my PLN (Personal learning network) and for those I haven’t met virtually or IRL (In Real Life) it is an opportunity to get to know new neighbours.

I must confess that since I have become a twitter convert, I use my PLN to filter the interwebs for me and I rarely visit my blog feeds. When I do I usually to mark all read and move on. So it is a real challenge for me to read through so many blogs but it is always fun to catch up with old friends and neighbours and make new friends.

Monday’s Meme

@malbooth joined the meme with the seven things meme started by the Bun-toting Librarian, Fiona. She has promised a meme for every Monday of the challenge.  Librarian in the mirror, Blogfest at Tiffanys, Ruminations also joined the memey goodness. For all those that have visiting NYC on their to-do list – I will be there on Saturday!


Sophie outed herself as a Harry Potter Fangirl. I wouldn’t be surprised if there a lots of Potter fangirls and boys in this challenge.



Corin listed 12 songs that changed his life an excellent meme which I think I will use soon. There is definitely a strong 80s influence in his list.


  • Sardonicsmile shared some of the home improvements she has made recently
  • Over on birdeystreet you can read about the armchair that keeps coming back
  • Across the ditch where there was a public holiday Paul Hayton worked his socks off around the house


  • Morgan uses Tagul tag clouds (see Peta’s post) to explore two different periods of his life. The tag clouds show that he has become more focussed in his blog posts. If you have been blogging for a while I recommend having a go and comparing different periods of your life
  • Over on Angels have the phone box find out about the Wordfoto app
  • @Gigglesigh shares her words with friends addiction
  • Softies are taking over at Katie’s workplace


  • Justgirlwithshoes is thinking about where to next with her career
  • Fiona ponders the merits of interfiling the Australian literature collection in the 800s (I agree by the way)
  • With Great Power – considers donating his X-men books to the Library after seeing the latest installment of the X-men movies and battles with autocorrect
  • Katie talks about how relationships have changed since Jeremy passed away
  • Kris posted a great video about cake or death feat. lego and Eddy Izzard!

Now I feel like tea and cake maybe on my next round up when I visit again. I will leave you with this question from Michelle the Connecting Librarian:

If you were asked to write one sentence to a child, about the importance of libraries, what would it be?

Peace out





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