What to write now? #blogjune roundup day 2

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What do you write when you’ve already written your introductory post?  Some took comfort in food:  Hoi takes on cabbage, KateJF wine and rice, Teresa Bennett blueberries and porridge, Lissy lemon and honey — and Kris Wehipeihana is ready for the good kai of Matariki.  (Mm, I might have to go and raid the dried strawberries in my pantry.)

Ruth Baxter continues #blogjune with some ways blogging can lead to research. Ellen Forsyth reports on a library seminar held in World of Warcraft and Kelly Hall finds inspiration at day 1 of the LGMA Women in Local Government Conference.

Michelle McLean reflects on the future of libraries as making connections; meanwhile Lutie the Librarian wonders how to keep her identity as a reference librarian when students only want staplers.

Miss Sophie Mac provides a rough guide to building digital literacies and With Great Power offers a (hopefully continuing?) library cartoon strip The Madcap Adventures of Pharnabus Filch.

Joy Weese Moll reads lots of book reviews.  Speaking of which:

Nor is Vassiliki the only traveler! While SallySetsForth is at home in sunny Darwin, motorikpulse spent a weekend at a farm outside Moree, Leonie at the Gold Coast, the Family Librarian visits Temptation Creek, and stitchsarah is in New York.

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